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This page has a number of items which I have for sale. Message me at WADMES Club or see me on a Saturday at the Clubhouse.

More details and pictures may be available.



Stuart Models – Oil Field Pump – Offers over £600

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Simpson & Shipton’s Short Stroke steam engine of 1851   –   


(incorrectly named as Smith & Simpson)

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L.B.S.C  5″ Gauge  “Speedy” Offers

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L.B.S.C  5″ Gauge  “Pansy” Offers

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Bridport Foundry –  Shepherds Hut Stove “The Dumpy No.2” – £250

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Warco 240 Volt machine Lamp.    £5.00


Maybe / maybe not original Eddison wagon plate.    OFFERS please for the two plaques.

A Dorchester based company originally the Dorchester Steam Plough Works but later changing to steam powered road rolling engines.

Despite the founder’s death in 1888 the business continued to expand and flourish and became the biggest hirers of road rolling, construction and industrial plant in Britain with the slogan “Eddison Everywhere.” In a tribute to the founder all pieces of hired equipment owned by the firm clearly bore the name Eddison.

A second plaque – this looks very clean, unpainted and may be a copy.

£50 or best offer


Vernier caliper – metric – £5.00