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2016 started with the construction of Phase Two16mm outdoor track completion, which followed by a nice run of Summer weather for its use.

In 2017 plans were discussed to convert the damp old concrete double garage into a new clubhouse, on the 25th May 2017 the work was started.

A great asset to WADMES, giving members a great all year round Club House to meet up in.

2020 along with the rest of the world WADMES had to close due to the Pandemic, all Club Events were cancelled and things became very quiet. As this continued into 2021 we followed the government guidance and were still not able to meet up.  In between lockdowns certain members went to the club to look after the site and by summer 2021 with Social Distancing rules we started to see a little club action. The gardens were starting to look better and a maintenance plan was created for all the club kit that has been stood around untouched for the last 18 months.